The way to obtain a spiritual awakening has changed. Terra Incognita is the nº 1 platform where you can learn all about spirituality, magic, spiritual awakening, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, Taichi, QiGong and much more.

If you are a teacher and want to sell your videos on spiritual awakening on Terra Incognita make sure to contact us. We have a sport waiting for you. We will do all the heavy lifting so you only need to focuss on creating the video lessons, we will do the promoting and selling for you at a 50/50 split of benefits.

What will we do for you?

Most video content creators don't know how to market them correctly and obtain a benefit of them. This is specially true in the spiritual world. That is why we created Terra Incognita.

  • We will upload your videos to the platform

  • Create promotion materials like videos and images

  • Create articles to get inbound traffic

  • Promote your video classes and course to our client base

  • Promote your classes through advertising

  • Promote your courses on our facebook, twitter, reddit, instagram and pinterest

  • Handle all the payment and delivery to customers

  • Monthly payout (50% of all courses or videos sold

  • We take care of all costs (platform, hosting, payment processing, etc...)

What do we need from you?

To setup your account we need:

A recent picture of you

A bio about yourself and your experience

After your account has been set up you will need to send us your video classes and a description of each class.

The contents of your course in detail (how many videos, topics, benefits, etc...)

Once your course is ready , you will be receiving an email confirming your course is live.

On the 5th of each month , you will receive a detailed overview of your sales and payout will be done through paypal or stripe. There is no minimum on payouts. If you eraned 2€, you will be payed 2€ If you make 32547€, that's what you will get